"...I was particularly impressed by their quick response time on the eve of trial in one of my recent premises liability cases. On extremely short notice, they were able to have one of their weather experts ready to testify, a significant factor in leading towards a favorable settlement of the case."

~ Michael Carner, Esq. Sarisohn, Sarisohn, Carner et. al

"...It is my pleasure to recommend EWI without hesitation as the premier service provider for weather-related data and analysis. Every time I have used their service I have been treated as a top-tier client, with quick, intelligent responses to my questions, patience in reviewing the weather data, and supplied with timely, easy-to-decipher reports and reasonable rates...."

"In my view, no other forensic meteorology service comes close..."

"I went down to court with my extra ammunition and confident that with my explanation and weather report in hand, I would have the complaint dismissed."